Dog’s Toenails Bleed?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)


My dog’s toenails sometimes bleed after I clip them. What should I do to stop the bleeding?


First, apply styptic powder (should be in your first aid kit) to the area. It will help the bleeding stop. If you don’t have styptic powder, take a clean cloth and apply direct pressure to the nail for five minutes. You can also try using a bar of soap and pushing it into the bleeding nail or pressing flour or cornstarch into the nail for five minutes.

Most of the time, these steps work. But if you are not able to stop the bleeding on your own, take your dog to the veterinarian.

If you are able to stop the bleeding, one other way to help it heal is to wait a day to make sure it’s clotted well, and then soak the paw in warm, salty water for about five minutes three times a day.

Always beware of infection any time your dog bleeds. Signs include reluctance to bear weight on the paw as well as swelling and pain. If you suspect it’s infected, then take your pup to the veterinarian.

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