Best dog songs

You won’t find “Who Let the Dogs Out” or “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window” on this list. These are true odes to the canine, and if you can get through the Cat Steven’s tune without a tissue, more power to you. If you’re still dry-eyed after “Echo Mountain,” you weren’t listening.

“Bruno’s Theme” (Ben Charest)

“Dixie the Tiny Dog” (Peter Himmelman)

“Dog” (The Eddie Adcock Band)

“The Dog Song” (Nellie McKay)

“Easy, Bruno, Easy” (Ben Charest)

“Echo Mountain” (James King)

“I Love My Dog” (Cat Stevens)

“Mr. Bojangles” (OK, maybe not technically a “dog song” but it deserves to be on the list)

“Old Blue” (Layne Brooks)

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