Product Review: TrueBlue Pet Products: Safe and Sure Eye wipes

Pet Product Review – TrueBlue Pet Products: Safe and Sure Eye wipes

This week I received the most pleasant box of samples from TrueBlue Pet Products. The box was stocked with luxurious grooming products. I can’t wait to dig in. But, I’m holding off right now because this weekend, Champ, my Sheltie and I are off to the Hamptons. If you know what that means, we have to look our best! So our friend Barry, who is a top groomer in New York City is going to stop by Saturday morning and give Champ his makeover using TrueBlue Pet Products.

But…. I couldn’t resist. I had to try something from the box. My choice the TrueBlue Pet Products: Safe and Sure Eye wipes.

TrueBlue Pet Products: Safe and Sure Eye wipes

Now every pet gets those tear stains. Champ is not so bad because he’s sable colored. But my cat Stinky gets them. Both got to test the product today. Now, what I was expecting was a huge fight, especially from the cat. And yes, there was some initial discomfort. But both the cat and the dog after the first few seconds let me wipe the areas around the eyes gently without resistance. This I found amazing.

But you know, all TrueBlue Pet Products, including the Safe and Sure Eye wipes are made with only the purest botanical ingredients. There is nothing harsh, or perfumed in these wipes. And I actually think the lavender and cucumber gave the cleaning an air of relaxation.

I highly recommend this product for pets of light color, especially those poor little Maltese and Poodles prown to tearing.

Go to for locations near you that sell the products. I found them on one of my favorite eRetailers:|Manufacturer=TrueBlue

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