Product Review: CLEAN+GREEN by SeaYu The Only Eco-Friendly Aerosol Pet Cleaning Product

Pet Product Review – CLEAN+GREEN by SeaYu The Only Eco-Friendly Aerosol Pet Cleaning Product

Ok, today is Earth Day!!! Happy Earth Day! I’m in beautiful California where the weather is just gorgeous and I can’t think of a better day to help SeaYu launch their new line of odor and stain aerosol cleaning products called CLEAN+GREEN.

The people at CLEAN+GREEN sent me some samples, so I was really glad to test them out in time for Earth Day, but also to help me clean up after that little minature Pinscher house guest I had the other week. You may remember, the one that peed all over my oriental rugs. Ok, I’m venting… but the timing was perfect.

Now, as you know every pet household must have cleaning products in their house to combat the occassional accidents and mishaps. Even, Champ, my perfect little Sheltie had one the other day on the wood floor. Now my position is if you’re going to buy anything, especially cleaning, disposible, waste bags, or such, try your very hardest to make sure it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable. Well finally we have an aerosol product that is. But, I’m not a scientist that can prove this, I leave this up to the people at SeaYu.


As for the products, yes they are great. When you use CLEAN+GREEN, you can tell the odor is removed without any perfumes or chemicals. Its kind of weird, its more of an odor eraser. I did use it on the rug that my minature house guest wet, and I can say that the odor is gone. Unfortunately, the stain was in the rug so long that that dye of the rug did change slightly (only I can tell). So, CLEAN+GREEN Rug cleaner is not going to do miracles.

Now on the wood floor, I used the CLEAN+GREEN for a more solid mess-up. After good old water and a bit of soap, I used the CLEAN+GREEN for wood floors. I sprayed it on and let it sat, and low and behold, no smell or residue. Usually I pour tons of oil soap all over the floor, and then furniture polish make it shine. CLEAN+GREEN is a lot less.

Which brings me to another point I like, you don’t need tons and tons of product to make it work. A few sprays. Not like some “miracle” products that require a full saturation and even then may take up to two weeks to work. Please, what a waste.

Anyway, I really liked the CLEAN+GREEN products that were sent to me for rugs, furniture and for wood floors. I hope they send me more samples as they grow their line. But until then, you can get CLEAN+GREEN at

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