Product Review: Paw Safe Ice Melt

Pet Product Review – Paw Safe Ice Melt 35-lb pail (5-gallons)

You know its March now, and Spring is right around the corner, and with that flowers, warm weather, sunshine and rain. But, now is actually the perfect time to stock up for next fall and winter and prepare for the snow. What really irks me is when households, apartment buildings and parks use common rock salt on the roads and sidewalks after a snow fall. This is so bad for your dogs’ paws. Its painful and unhealthy. But there are alternatives that are are paw safe for the winter. I recommend buying Paw Safe Ice Melt 35-lb pail (5-gallons).

The ingredients are different:

100% Salt Free, Carbonyl Diamond plus a pet-safe glycol admixture.
paw safe
It doesn’t heat up to work, so it won’t burn your pet’s sensitive paws. Since it’s non-toxic, it will not harm your pet even if he does accidentally swallow it. What’s more, SafePaw is a phenomenal ice melter, working effectively down to -2° F! Its non-salt formulation won’t hurt concrete, track onto carpets or leave unsightly stains on shoes. This Winter, look out for your pet, he’s depending on you.

Buys some at at $61.50 for a 5 gallon jug, you will be paw safe for the whole winter. Be ready for next year.

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