Product Review: Innova Adult Dog Food

Pet Product Review – Innova Adult Dog Food – Large Bites 15lbs bag

There are so many new and all natural pet food products out there. Some say organic, some say holistic, it can get very confusing. Well, lately, my sister has put her lab Riley on a diet of Innova Adult Dog Food. When it came right down to it, the product was recommended by the owner of the pet food shop and unlike many other brands it was simply a brand of food that has good nutrition, no nonsense special flavors, meats or gimmicks and is a wholly owned product of Natura, manufacturers of some the highest quality pet foods.


She started with the 15lbs bag of Innova Adult Dog Food and mixed it with Riley’s normal brand that was typically bought in a supermarket. She noticed no dislike to the taste, and Riley’s tummy seemed to function at its normal rate.

Compared to other super premium dog foods, Innova is well priced. For the best prices, less than $25 for a 15lbs bag, buy directly online at Go directly to the order page at: and save yourself the trouble of carrying around a 15lbs or even 30lbs bag.

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