Product Review: HappyTails Spa – Fur Butter Grooming Conditioner

Pet Product Review: – HappyTails Spa – Fur Butter 8oz Grooming Conditioner

Everybody wants to look amazing, sexy, and irresistable for Valentines Day. Your pet does too! Well guess what, we’ve found exactly the product that will turn your mutt into a the most attractive of pedigrees: HappyTails Spa – Fur Butter 2oz Grooming Conditioner.

HappyTails Spa has the highest quality organic grooming products. Here is their description of Fur Butter:

All natural Fur Butter will leave your little buddy super silky and easy to brush, but the effects are more than just cosmetic; Shea butter moisturizes and conditions the fur while colloidal oatmeal heals dry and itchy skin. Add great things like comfrey, callendula and aloe and you have one amazingly effective product.

fur butter

Fur Butter:

Is ideal for dogs with dry, damaged or long coats

Leaves coat super silky and easy to brush through

Creates an intense shine

Helps control itching and irritation

Has a fresh clean scent (Rosemary Peppermint)

Fur Butter contains no SLS or Parabens, and of course, is cruelty free

I sent a sample to Luisa to use on her dog Pali. Here is what she said:

The weather was phenomenal, so my hubby Alexie, was able to give our dogs a bath and used Fur Butter (or Fur worse), 8 oz 235 ml on both dogs. It worked really well on them as they both have dry skin.

Twinkle has a shorter coat, compared to Pali, so we tried it on him first. The direction said to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, but even with the best behaved dog, that’s a bit of a challenge. I timed it and we kept it on both of them for approximately 4 mins. I LOVE the peppermint scent which lingered on both the dogs long after the bath – it really took away the “dog scent”. I noticed Pali’s coat was softer, and light; it was not as coarse. I also noticed that they did not scratch as much after their usual bath.

I highly recommend this product. Did I say that I LOVE the peppermint scent?


Well what can I say? Since I know Luisa is a most discriminating person; if Luisa gives her thumbs up, I totally agree. Fur Butter is a great product.

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