Product Review: Medibag4Petz: Pet First Aid

Pet Product Review -Medibag4Petz: Pet First Aid

As you all know, I live in New York City, and as a prepared urban dweller, I have my disaster emergency kit. Yes, its a huge portable duffel that contains a week supply of cat food, dog food, people food, water, batteries, a radio, flash lights, all weather gear, duct tape, and enough first aid supplies to run a M.A.S.H. unit. Every January, I go thru the bag to make sure the food and gear have not expired. Today, when I was checking the dates, I realized this is great for emergencies, but what about for everyday? In my car I have a small first aid kit for me, but not for my Sheltie Champ. And Champ drives with me everywhere! With that I searched for the perfect pet first aid kit.


I found it on Dawg Inc. has an amazing selection of safety products; not just for pets, but for people too. I selected the Medibag4Petz first aid kit. Its a great handy size that fits in my car perfectly. There is a larger size, but this kit has everything I was looking for:

(10) 5″ X 8″ Antiseptic Wipes (sting free),

(1) 2″ Gauze Roll Bandage

(6) 2″ X 2″ Gauze Pads (3 two packs)

(6) 3″ X 3″ Gauze Pads (3 two packs)

(1) Flexible Cohesive Bandage

(1) 4oz. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

(2) Antibiotic Ointment Packs

(1) Pair of Scissors

(1) .5 oz. Eye Wash (sterile)

(1) Pet First Aid Guide

(2) Exam Gloves (Latex & Powder Free

(1) 1/2″ First Aid Tape Roll

(1) Tweezers

(10) 3″ Cotton Applicator Swabs

(3) Sting Relief Pads

(1) Pet Information Label

(1) Doctor’s Bag Organized Case

Plus, I like how it is bright yellow so not to be confused with my first aid kit for people. At $21 per kit, I thought it was affordable, so I bought 2; one for my car and one for my disaster emergency kit bag. is the link that brings you directly to the purchase page on Dawg Inc. Be responsible, buy one.

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