Product Review: John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray

Pet Product Review – John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray (8 oz)

So here in New York City, it’s cold, wet and rainy. What does that mean for me and my Sheltie Champ? Tangled hair….. EEEK! Matted hair really is unpleasant for everyone, especially your dog. My friend Barry who is a popular pet groomer at one of New York’s top pet salons told me that the matted hair actually is quite painful for a pet and that proper grooming is essential. His recommendation for getting out matted hair: John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray.

John Paul Pet

Yes, this is from the same manufacturer of high end human salon products John Paul. Only thing is, the formula is specifically designed for pets. There is a paw on the bottle that brands the pet product. John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray is specially formulated Detangling Spray to quickly penetrate into the fur releasing tough snarled coats and leaving a beautiful healthy shine.

It’s so easy to use, just spray evenly over a damp or dry coat. Brush the coat thoroughly and you will find the snarls and tangles relax and give way. Don’t take our word for it, spray a little on your beloved pet and see miracles happen. You can use the product on an as needed basis, so its good to keep in the house. I found on the entire selection of John Paul pet products at a very reasonable price. The John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray 8ox bottle is only $11.99. And with orders over $100 the shipping is free!

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