Product Review: FreshPet Select Adult Chicken and Vegetable and Rice Natural Dog Food

Pet Product Review – FreshPet Select Adult Chicken Vegetable and Rice Natural Dog Food

You may remember two weeks ago I attended the Horse and Pet Expo. My goal was to find and report on new and unique brands for our dog loving community. Perhaps, the most impressive company at the show was FreshPet Natural Dog Food. They were giving out samples, or should I say a week’s supply, of their all natural dog food – the FreshPet Select Slice and Serve. Champ and I took home the FreshPet Adult Chicken Vegetable and Rice Natural Dog Food selection.

freshpet select

All I can say is what a great product. Yes, it is dog food, but one that’s refrigerated and comes in a plastic tube package. It reminded me of a big liverwurst. What you do is slice off a measured amount depending on the size and weight of your dog and serve it either stand alone or as a compliment to his/her kibble. There is a measuring guide on the side of the package so you know exactly how much to serve. So basically, you slice and serve, how simple?

freshpet select bowl

The FreshPet Select Adult Chicken Vegetable and Rice Naatural Dog Food has a great aroma and consistency. FreshPet Select is packed with only chicken, eggs, liver, vegetables, rice and vitamins. No preservatives or chemicals, hence it does need refrigeration. It does look like bologna, and yes even taste like a mild version of it. I tried just a little bit. But, unlike Bologna, FreshPet Select has been specially formulated for easy digestibilty by dogs. Well hey, it is completely human grade food. Best of all my pup Champ loves it.

Now I feel great about incorporating FreshPet Select products into Champ’s diet because the people at FreshPet set out in 2005 to create the very best all natural dog food using the same principles that the big human health food companies take; cooking only in small batches, using only all natural products and right here in the USA. FreshPet Select is not raw pet food, it has been cooked, so there is no need to worry about harmful bacteria.

When looking for FreshPet Select products, you will have to check the refrigerated section of the store. Go to to find the location nearest to you. Most of the upscale supermarkets like Safeway, Gristedes, and Stop and Shop carry the product.

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