Product Review: Orvis Space Saving Corner Dog Bed

Pet Product Review – Orvis Space Saving Corner Dog Bed

Did you know that dogs sleep as much as 14 hours a day!? This means that they sleep more than half of their life. Some dogs even sleep more than others, especially large breed dogs like the Mastiff, St. Bernard and Newfoundland may sleep up to 19 hours everyday. So, when considering a dog bed, remember, this is one of the most important purchases for your dog.

Champ in bed

For my dog Champ, I noticed that the dog bed I bought him a few months ago on a large web retailer, just wasn’t being used. I would see him actually sleep next to the bed on the floor, and often curled in a quiet corner. I wasn’t too happy with the thin padding of the last bed and decided to shop around. Now living in New York City, space is at a premium. We’re always looking for products that incorporate style, comfort, and high quality. Lucky for us, Orvis had just the bed. The Orvis Corner Dog Bed was specifically designed to tuck into corners away from traffic. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the superior quality and construction. The bed has an overstuffed mattress and very sturdy bolster sides. The fabric is a durable microsuede that zips off for easy cleaning. The bed really is luxurious and at a price starting at $129, very economical. And knowing that every bed Orvis sells has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I was happy making the purchase on

Champ does love his bed. Now, it did take a week or so for him to feel comfortable sleeping there, but this is normal. It’s so funny to see him climb into his bed which is on the floor next to my bed. You can tell he’s very content.

My only recommendation if you are considering this bed, buy it one size larger than what the website recommends for your dog. For example, I bought the medium size bed for dogs weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. Although 35 lb Champ fits in the bed nicely, I know there is not a whole lot of room for him to stretch. A larger size may accommodate stretching and more casual lounging.

champ on orvis bed

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