Dog Carriers

Carriers are for small dogs because you’re the one who has to carry him. Sure there are carriers with wheels. But mostly you haul them–in your hand, over your shoulder, in a backpack, and even around your neck so you’re wearing your dog infant-style.

Carriers are useful when you want to take your small dog into a store or cafe, protect him from a crowded city street, or travel with him by air. Figuring out which carrier is right for you often depends on your dog. Some dogs dislike being on your back, for instance, even though it’s easier to carry heavier dogs that way.

The right carrier

  • A carrier suitable for air travel has to enclose the dog completely. You may want to find a different carrier, one that allows your dog’s head to pop out, for instance, for running errands.
  • Buy a carrier only after you’ve put your dog in one. Most carriers list a maximum weight of 25 pounds, but in truth aren’t big enough to accommodate dogs over 20 pounds. A 15-pound Westie isn’t going to fit in the same space as a 15-pound Italian Greyhound; their builds are just too different.
  • Make sure it’s roomy enough for your dog to turn around in. Your dog should be comfortable and able to either see out or hide, as the spirit moves him.

Products that complement your carrier or crate

Look for carriers that are sold with thin padding that can be removed for washing, so you can keep your carrier clean.