Product Review: Yummy Chummies Wild Alaska Salmon Oil

Pet Products Review – Yummy Chummies Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by Arctic Paws

When you have a long haired dog like my s Champ, one prides themselves on keeping the dog’s coat luxurious, soft and flowing. I know, it sounds like something out of the movie Zohan. But seriously, a luxurious coat of hair is your dog’s unspoken way of showing his health and vitality. With that I’m always on the search for products that will naturally deliver these benefits.

yummy chummies wild salmon oil

When the people at Artic Paws sent me a large 8oz bottle sample of Yummy Chummies Wild Alaska Salmon Oil, I couldn’t wait to try it. Personnally, I supplement my diet with Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil, so it must be good for my dog too. I’ve have seen some Salmon Oil products mostly in the holistic neighborhood pet stores. But their packaging gave the product a medicinal appeal. Yummy Chummies has colorful, drip proof packaging and a nice American flag on the label. Now Yummy Chummies.

The Yummy Chummies label claims the oil enhances palatability of dog food, promotes healthy skin, coat and heart, and benefits cardiovascular function, joint maintenance and mobility. Let me tell you, this stuff works! In the 5 weeks that I’ve been supplementing Champ’s food with Yummy Chummies, his hair is luxuriously soft and has a great bounce, much like Sarah Palin’s; and its really thick too. It’s as if he’s been preparing for the great Iditarod sled race. What I didn’t expect is how pleasantly I see less pet dander and less clumps of hair around my house. Also, I notice that when Champ sleeps its a deeper more peaceful sleep than before.

champ and stinky

Now I can not say it enhances the taste of the food because Champ has expressed his displeasure in the oil’s aroma. But, mixing Yummy Chummies in with wet food or even occassionally with people food solves that problem. Because Champ is only 30 lbs, he only needs two pumps. The pump makes prevents over-feeding and is economizes the $9.98 – $12 cost over many months.

Again, I really liked Yummy Chummies Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and hope you check out their website for more information or to purchase.

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