Product Review: Kong 100% Natural Rubber Dog Toy

Pet Product Review – Kong 100% Natural Rubber Dog Toy

Ok, Ok, I know what you’re going to say. DUH! Everyone knows the Kong rubber toys are great. Well I have to give my 2 cents too. They are great. They are indespensible.

My dog Champ has 3 Kong toys. One always gets lost because he loves to crawl under the bed or my desk and cherish his snack filled toy with delight. I primarily give Champ his Kong when I’m leaving for the day. His favorite is when i fill the Kong with peanut butter, and a biscuit. Although, he gets equally excited if I put a piece of cheese in there too. Only problem is that sometime the cheese gets pushed to the bottom and I worry that he’s tantalized with cheddar torture.

It’s kind of funny, he knows when I’m getting ready to leave and whines with anticipation for his coveted Kong. And if you’re traveling, its a great item to bring with you to help the dog acclimate to the new surroundings.

kong toy with peanut butter

I feel good about giving Champ a Kong toy because i know its made of the highest quality indestructible rubber. Nothing is going to break, chip, choke or harm my pup. For clean up, I throw Champ’s Kongs in the dishwasher. The company puts a lot of care and attention into all their products; including those made for cats.

Champ with kong 1champ wants his kong

I think every pet store in the world carries Kong products, but if you want one right away, simply go to and order one.

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