Product Review: Solvit Products Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner

Pet Product Review – Solvit Products Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner

As I’ve mentioned before, every weekend I plan an escape from New York City. Lucky for me I have a car, a Ford Explorer in fact – with 165,000 miles. Every chance I get I take my dog. But to be frank, my dog throws up in the car on nearly every trip.

So, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy; just something that would stay in place, protect the car and look better than the newspapers and blankets I usually use. had just what I was looking for; the Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner by Solvit Products.

This cargo liner is no nonsense, attaches via hooks or Velcro to the seat or the floor and is light weight. This liner is made of 100% cotton, stain proofed, washable, and the 3 lb weight makes it fit in washing machines. Best of all, it was under $50.

wet champ

As you can see Champ attended a very rainy rugby match and couldn’t have been more comfortable drying off in the back than on this liner. Needless to say, clean up the back of the car was the easiest part of the day.

If you’re looking for something no-nonsense to protect your car from pet travel; I recommend this product.

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