Product Review: Tuffy’s The “Tuffest” Soft Dog Toy

Pet Product Review – Tuffy’s The “Tuffest” Soft Dog Toy

How often do you buy a dog toy, especially a soft dog toy, and in a matter of days, the toy is gone? Sometimes the toy just disapears, other times its ripped to shreds. Its’ a problem those of us with bigger dogs face all the time.

Whats wrong with this picture? 1. you’ve got a toy that could be dangerous and 2. you’ve got a toy that just cost you a whole lot of money.

Speed our Pitbull friend helped us test out Tuffy’s Captain Toothless, Alligator, the lime green alligator with a pink tongue and green, yellow, black and brow spots. Tuffy’s gave Captain Toothless a Tuffy’s rating of 6. I like their tuffness scale. 5 is where most dog toy companies stop, andTuffy’s begin and a 10 is without a doubt the toughest toy around.


Speed loves this toy! Loves it. Plays with it all the time. But in two days, the tail was ripped open and so was the mouth. At $23 this toy was costly. But, it only means that we did not go high enough on the Tuff scale. Next time we’ll try a toy with a tuff scale rating of 8 or higher.

What I like about Tuffy’s is that these toys are not only made to be tough, they are made to be safe and use only non-toxic materials. Plus, the company backs up their toys. If you’re not happy, they have a toll free number in which you can consult to find the toy with just the right tuffness.

captain toothless

captain toothless mouth

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