Product Review: Milk Bone Original Dog Treats

Pet Product Review – Milk Bone Original Dog Treats

Have you ever seen a dog spit out a dog treat? If you haven’t, let me introduce my dog Champ. It’s very funny; he doesn’t just drop the treat, Champ projects unfavorable treat with vehemence across the floor. But not with Milk Bone Original Dog Treats.

I don’t know what it is about this all-American classic brand, but my dog loves them. If it wasn’t for Milk Bone, I don’t think my dog would have learned to sit, lay, heel or shake. Maybe it’s the fact that these treats are made with real bone marrow.

Regardless, Milk Bone Original Dog Treats is celebrating it’s birthday of 100 years, so it must not be my dog alone that loves them. And I can attest, one of my earliest childhood memories is sitting on the back porch with a handfull of friends and munching on Milk Bone biscuits. I think we did it once.

Best of all, this product is affordable and can be found everywhere. Every dog owner should have a box close by for those special treat times. But remember, treats are for occasions not all the time. They are fatty and Milk Bone Original is not an exception.