Product Review: Drinkwell Water Fountains

Pet Product Review – Drinkwell The Original Pet Fountain

Do you snuggle up to a potty mouth? Seriously, a potty mouth. If your cat or dog is anything like mine, they drink out of the toilet – yuuuuuck!

Both my pets love the toilet. I can flush the toilet, and they have it timed until the old water is gone, and the new water has trickled in. It’s got to stop! So, like Ponce De Leon, I’m on the search for the right fountain.

My local pet store guy said, you have to buy the Drinkwell! Out of the 3 varieties of fountain bowls he sells, the Drinkwell was the most popular, and worked the best. Considering Drinkwell is “the original pet fountain”, and the box says “a waterfall of health for your pets” I said sure, why not, but let me start with the small version, not the big one.

This is a cool little product. The Drinkwell takes a reservoir and pool of water, about 6 cups, circulates it through a filter and literally creates a fountain! Yes, with a free falling waterfall. The idea is that the water is aerated and adds oxygen and freshness to the water. Thus bad odors and tastes are removed. A veterinarian actually invented the Drinkwell and recommends the fountain to reduce urinary disease in cats. You see, cats instinctively like to drink fresh running water so the idea is they drink more water and pee more often.

Day 1, both my cat and dog looked at the Drinkwell like some spaceship and me a Martian. Day 2-7 my pets still will not go on the side of the kitchen floor where the Drinkwell sits. On Day 8 I figured the best I had was a $46 Zen water feature for my bedroom. Then I quietly spied Stinky lapping up the water with delight.

This is a great little water bowl and my animals have learned to love it. Just give it some time for them to get used to the noise and flowing water.

Drinkwell Pet Fountaindrinkwell fountain

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