Product Review: The Penn Tennis Ball

Pet Products Review – Penn Tennis balls

As I watch this year’s 2008 US Open, I’m captivated by the on court prowess of names like Williams, Nadal and Federer. All good, but all of their passion combined, I swear, doesn’t come close to the passionate obsession my dog Buddy has with his tennis ball (s). Yes, true love comes with yellow felt.

Come on think about it. Think about how much money you spend on special treats, toys, clothes, all the things that make your dog happy. Nothing comes close to the joy of 3 yellow balls that come in a cylinder can and found just about anywhere. My dog won’t go anywhere without one of his balls. Combine that with a trip to the dog run, or the back yard and you’re in Doggie-Heaven!

You can try and try, throw them far and wide, lobber, chew, bounce and gnaw – these pup favorites are indestructible.

So my verdict is yes, try other toys, keep your pup engaged with fun, but keep those Penn Tennis balls close by. If you want to upgrade your pups play balls, go to They are amazing. They have tennis balls especially designed for dogs with extra fuzz and you can buy them on sale at only 65 cents each, or buy them in bulk at that price!

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