Careers, Jobs, And Other Ways To Work With Dogs

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Dogs. It’s why were all gathered here today.

Some of us consider our dogs our kids, others our companion, some are best friends, and those of us say “all of the above” when asked how we feel about our dogs.

How cool would it be to have a career working with animals in some capacity? This question was posed recently to our FIDO Friendly Facebook fans, and the replies surprised us. Many of you are involved in following a passion, helping animals, serving animals, and/or those who care for them.

With the economic recession forcing many out of their comfort zone and often into unfamiliar territory, if you’ve ever considered a career with animals in some capacity, why not the present?

Years ago, a search engine result of “careers with animals” would have merited such admiral professions as veterinarian, groomer, veterinary technician, trainer, or dog handler. Today, those results still surface but so do a new host of careers, all involving Fido in some capacity. As you view this list, consider the educational implications, possible initial start-up costs, and if you have the time to commit. If any of these pique your interest, an initial first step can be asking someone currently in the industry if you can talk to them and/or visit their place of business.

What are some of these careers in the dog world that have surfaced (and some have been around a long time, but you may not have considered them):

Dog walker

Manufacturer of pet supplies

Animal behaviorist


Vet technician

Pet sitter

Website designer (in dog-related industries)

Pet photographer

Mobile groomer

Pet product manufacturer (i.e., handmade collars/items)

Marketing and PR for dog-related companies

Doggie daycare

Kennel/boarding–including “cage-free!”

Working in the dog show arena (judge, trainer, groomer, handler)

Animal control officer

Working in a pet supply store or at corporate headquarters

Pet writer or illustrator

Animal cops or train with K-9 units

Selling dog-related items at pet shows and trade shows

Pet rescue

Animal volunteer

Guide dog trainer

Help stop animal abuse

Sharing homeless dogs on social media to help them find homes

Foster parent for homeless dogs

Rescue or shelter volunteer

Pet blogger

by Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly Magazine

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