Richard Pryor, Chris Rock differ on animal issues

Jennifer and Richard Pryor

In addition to being a groundbreaking comic, and just a damn funny guy, Richard Pryor was an animal advocate. We’re not sure if Chris Rock, an outspoken Pryor devotee–and on board to produce the older comedian’s biopic–was aware of that when he made his comments about Pit Bulls and Michael Vick.

If not, Rock is aware now, according to Hip Hop Crunch.

The late comic’s widow, Jennifer Pryor, was outraged by Rock’s recent remarks on the Jay Leno show. It was there that Rock asked what Vick “even did” and asserted that Pit Bulls weren’t dogs. Through her lawyer, Pryor requested Rock dropped from the biopic project.

In his lifetime, Richard Pryor was a passionate supporter of Compassion for Camden, an organization advocating for inner-city animals. Jennifer Pryor continues to be passionate about that group and others, such as Dogs Deserve Better, Animal Rescue Media Education, and Horse Rescue of America.

Jennifer and Richard, Dogtime honors you and your commitment to spreading laughter, as well as awareness that not everything is a laughing matter.