Letter to Leno regarding Vick

Editor’s note: Many Dogtime readers have written to share their concern, and utter disbelief, over Jay Leno and Chris Rock’s discussion of Michael Vick and dog fighting. This letter is aimed at Mr. Leno and his colleagues at NBC. They have the tools and the reach to start educating people about this crime, and it is my sincere hope they will take this opportunity to do so. Feel free to add your own comments as well.

Dear Mr. Leno and NBC Executives,

I’m writing to you on behalf of Dogtime’s many readers who were shocked, outraged, and ultimately disappointed with the comments made on last week’s show. To claim that Vick “mistreated” a dog is like saying Bernie Madoff filched a few bucks.

The horrific abuse these animals suffered is not a joke, and it’s incredibly offensive to make light of such sadistic violence. Vick’s dogs were starved, chained, and beaten senseless. They were forced to fight with broken bones, dislocated jaws, and massive bite wounds. The females were confined to rape harnesses, and the “losers” were drowned, electrocuted, and hanged with Vick’s own hands.

Dog fighting is cruelty at its most extreme, and any society that tolerates this kind of torture is far from civilized. (For a look at a dog fighting victim, click here, but be warned–the image is graphic and highly disturbing.)

Mr. Leno, if you’d like further information on this topic so that you can educate yourself, your guests, and your audience, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Leslie Smith

Dogtime.com, senior editor

[email protected]

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