The Best Dog Mommas And Daddies For National Parents Day [VIDEOS]

July 26th is National Parents Day, a day for celebrating great moms and dads who are special in your life. But humans aren’t the only ones who can be good parents. Our canine buddies care for their kids, too. Here are some of our favorite doggy mommies and daddies on the internet.

Break It Up, Pups

Every parent knows that siblings are great at bickering. The Beagle pups in this video are no exception to the rule. The two start nipping at each other, and it’s not long before mom steps in between the kids. She doesn’t care who started it, she’s ending it. She even gives a little eye roll as if this has happened a million times before.

Family Dog Pile

Bella’s a little overwhelmed being buried in Golden Retriever puppies, but Cap’n Jack comes to the rescue, tennis ball in mouth, to give mom some relief. The pups are slowly drawn to their papa for some rough housing. Before long, even mom can’t resist joining the wrestle-fest. They’re a family that plays together.

Bravo, Bravo

Is there any creature more energetic and destructive that a German Shepherd puppy? It takes an extra patient pooch to deal with Zoey’s antics, but Bravo is a doggy daddy with a playful spirit. With a little coaxing, he’s on his feet, giving his daughter a run for her money. Hopefully he tuckered her out a bit so he can catch a well-deserved nap.

Little Snow Dogs

Boon is one tough momma to have so much energy for her little snow pups. The kids are hot on her tail as she teaches them how to chase and play together. She looks like she couldn’t be happier to let them tackle her and roughhouse before she’s up and dancing around. For a mother of so many, she’s still in great shape.

Can’t Beat Mom

Lucky and her Corgi puppies are ready for a game of tug-of-war. It’s two against one, but mom’s not about to go easy on the kids. She lets the grab on to her rope, but she’s not giving them an inch. Maybe when they’re older, they’ll be a match for her, but she’s got mom strength for now.

A Game Of Cats And Mouse, With Dogs

The Husky mom in this video is playing a game of queen-of-the-hill, but her pups aren’t quite big enough to come up and get her yet. But they are picking up her goofy hopping-run that she does to avoid stepping on them. The pups hop and jump around, just like mom, but not quite high enough to get on the couch. That’s still momma’s safe zone until they get bigger.

Dining With Dad

Mandy the dachshund puppy is gnawing away at her bone with dad, though she seems to have bitten off more than she can chew. She looks over at papa’s bone, and it looks a lot more tasty and manageable. But dad’s not about to let the pup have it easy. She needs to learn to finish what’s on her own plate. Sorry pup. Stick to your own bone.

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