Michael Vick rewarded for “making progress”

Roger Goodell welcomes Vick back early

Why the early reinstatement? According to Goodell, Vick is “making real progress.” I assume he’s talking about on the football field, as I haven’t seen much progress when it comes to Vick’s promise to “help more dogs than [he’s] hurt.” Well, “progress,” “growth,” and all those other words that connote redemption are subjective, I suppose.

But Vick isn’t the only one who’s got moves. Commissioner Goodell made his announcement in a classic, fly-this-under-the-radar sort of way. It comes the Friday before Labor Day when most people are thinking about the long weekend, and many have already begun their vacation.

Apparently when no one is looking, it’s much easier to do what you want. (Not that Goodell is the first person in the NFL to think that way.) But the fact is, we are looking. Our eyes as a nation, as sports fans and as humane beings, have been opened. We’re not about to pretend we don’t see.

As the season progresses, let’s hope this story becomes less about Michael Vick’s every move and what his performance means for the Eagles and the NFL. Let’s hope the focus shifts to something important: Recognizing for ourselves, and teaching the next generation, that how we treat those we share this planet with matters.

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