DogTime launches ‘Save a Dog’ Facebook app

Chances are, your Facebook time is devoted to some pretty serious stuff: trying to determine whether your high school boyfriend is now bald, learning which Golden Girl you most resemble, that sort of thing. But imagine if you could use this precious time for even worthier endeavors, like helping dogs in shelters around the country.

Dog lovers, now you can.

Save a Dog

Save a Dog is DogTime’s brand-new Facebook application–and the only one leveraging social media to help real dogs in need of homes. The way it works is simple. Once you install the Save a Dog application, you earn points by simply selecting one of the actions presented (for example, “foster a dog” or “walk your dog”).

For every 2500 points you earn, Dogtime donates the financial equivalent of a cup of food to non-profit animal welfare organizations across the country. These include, an organization that provides free and low-cost technology services to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. We also make donations directly to animal shelters and rescues via monthly DogTime Grants, annual DogTime Grants, and the DogTime Media Pet Blogger Awards. Here’s the great part: It’s free to use. The only thing you spend is a moment of your time. And yep, you’re helping to save real dogs.

Rescue is in DogTime’s bones

DogTime’s mission has always been about helping dogs, specifically keeping them happy, well-behaved, and in good homes by providing straightforward information to the humans who love them. With Save a Dog, we’re taking the effort a step further by actually supplying needed resources to shelters and the volunteers who run them.

Find out more about how easy is it is to sign up for Facebook–and help save dogs–with just a click of the mouse…

Lots of companies, including DogTime, use social media like Twitter and Facebook to increase brand awareness, communicate with their customers, or just provide amusement. But the idea to create an actual application to take DogTime truly viral started with Senior Software Engineer Dave Krupinski.

“We have an opportunity to bring DogTime to a whole new audience, and I was sure it could be done in a way that amounted to more than just simple entertainment.” says Krupinski.

Social media strikes again

Our CEO, Trevor Wright, was on board from the beginning and challenged our team to think about the app’s potential in terms of furthering their mission: How we can harness the power of social media and turn it into something positive, not just for DogTime, but for the animals themselves?

A short time later, development on Save a Dog was underway. And we’re pleased to announce that it’s now live! To download the app, begin accumulating points, and start helping dogs in shelters, go to

“There’s a lot of excitement about Save a Dog here in the office,” says DogTime Media Editor Amy Gurvitz. “We’re doing something that really matters, and it feels great to know we’re making a difference.”