ShamPAW Best Dog Wash Brush-Pet Safety Lady

Daily Life, LLC is excited to announce the release of its second product, a revolutionary new dog wash tool, the Shampaw™.

The Shampaw™ makes washing your dog remarkably easy and fun! The patent-pending glove allows the user to get deep into the dog’s fur, creating a healthy and happy experience for both you and your pet.

“I have a doggie daycare and grooming facility, so we bathe at least 10 dogs a week, and I can honestly tell you that this invention has dramatically improved our process. It’s absolutely fabulous! It is really great for getting deep into their coats and underneath their bellies, not to mention the dogs feel like they are in heaven! I would recommend the Shampaw to anyone who owns a dog!” – Barbie Marquet, Owner, Wags-to-Wishes.

Washing your dog no longer has to be a struggle or a mess. Shampaw™ flushes dirt and allergens from deep within the fur and treats dogs to a spa-like massage. Water passes through the hose into the built-in bladder, spraying from Shampaw’s water-dispensing massage nozzles while moving and separating fur without tangling. Its cleansing and rinsing action works deep into the dog’s fur, removing ticks, fleas, dirt, and grime in minutes!

“With pollution at an all-time high, any dog that goes in the water – be it the ocean or the lake needs to be rinsed off so they do not get skin infections or heat spots. Shampaw is the easiest way to ensure your dog stays healthy and clean!” – Christina Selter, Pet Safety Lady and founder of Bark Buckle UP.

No more filling the tub with water or having dirty water all over your bathroom. Avoid playing the “bite the water” game with your outdoor hose, or having your wet dog shake all over you mid-bath. Shampaw™ can be connected to a sink faucet for bathing a small dog, to the shower for larger dogs, or to an outdoor faucet for seriously dirty dogs.

Massage, clean, rinse. Three easy steps and voila! Never before has it been easier to wash your dog! Your dog will love you and you’ll love Shampaw™.

About Daily Life: Daily Life is dedicated to the health and well being of our furry friends. Our goal is to offer you and your pet innovative products that improve their health and wellness. Daily Life’s product line includes 10dercare, a natural liquid glucosamine solution to prevent and relieve your pets’ joint aches and pains. In addition to the newly released Shampaw, revolutionizing how we wash our pets.

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