KatPak gets paws up from Pet Safety Lady

The KatPak is a traveling litter box solution for feline travelers to use in cars, RV, boats, camping or even hotels.

Made of a heavy-duty biodegradable paper it folds flat for easy travel and opens up concertina-style like a large shopping bag when the litter is placed inside. Suitable for cats of all sizes. Large cutout handles makes it easy to close up and throw away without having to handle the litter.

Some Key Product Details:

KatPak is the only disposable hooded tray on the market.

Each katpak is made of biodegradable paper and folded so it can be easily expanded to become a hooded cat toilet. katpak is biodegradable and compostable.

KatPak is easy to use, clean and hygienic, it reduces smells and is easy to dispose of and you will never have to clean the litter tray again!

Katpak’s innovative and eco-friendly design has won several awards from Pet Business, Martha Stewart, Cats Protection, Your Cat Magazine, The British Invention Show and now from Pet Safety Lady.

“In the past it was always difficult to take our cat Steve along, now with the KatPak portable cat toilet it is simple and safe”, stated Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady”.

View the how does it work video online at KatPak

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