Cesar Millan Took the Pledge Be Smart Ride Safe You Should Too

Driver distraction kills so take the pledge today at Be Smart Ride Safe

Watch Cesar Millan in the Be Smart Ride Safe PSA video then make your own then send us a copy on YouTube.com/BeSmartRideSafe for a chance to win.

Photo credit Exray Design PSA written, produced and directed by Christina Selter.

Full short film credits:

executive produced and directed by Christina Selter

host Cesar Millan

co-host Junior Millan (Blue Pit Bull)

narrated by Christina Selter (making of the pledge)

written by Christina Selter

editors Lawrence Lim & Christopher Selter

co-producers Lawrence Lim & Christopher Selter

director of photography Lawrence Lim

additional camera Christopher Selter

director set design Christopher Selter

graphics Christopher Selter

lighting/grip/gaffer Jesse J

sound Reze Moosavi

Telepromptor Cue-Tech

Post Production Services Provided by
 Exray Design

Special Thanks 

Exray Design Production Team, Cesar Millan’s Team, DPC and our Corporate Pledges

Be Smart Ride Safe PSA is a production of Exray Design