Report from the 2008 Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference

The 2008 conference of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) was held October 14-19 in Louisville, Kentucky, and attracted nearly 1,000 attendees. APDT is the most respected pet dog trainers organization in the U.S. and was founded by Dr. Ian Dunbar to promote healthy, happy relationships between dogs and people through reward-based training techniques. Each year the conference features leading experts in the field of animal behavior and is attended by the best dog trainers, vet techs, and rescue advocates from around North America.

So, DogTime took to the floor of the conference hall and posed four questions to a cross-section of visitors; the brief question and answer exchanges became our Four-on-the-Floor interview series. Click below to read individual Four-on-the-Floor interviews and find out trainers’ opinions on terrific toys, common owner mistakes, and more.

Interviews with dog trainers

Loretta Swanson

Sandra Payne Green

Susanne Chastain

Mary Willinger

Rebecca Peery

Tracy Ingoldsby

Carole Peeler

Rhonda Monks

Ed Fritz

Sue Anne Boettcher

Joel Walton

Haywood Perry

Debby Knott

Vicki Palmore

Marc Scher

Michelle Mullins

Linda Bane