Why You Should Make Sure Your Dog Has Tags This 4th Of July

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

July 4th, Independence Day is the most American holiday there is. Fireworks, friends, and food are what come to mind when you think of this great day. It is especially a great day to own a dog. They add an element of fun to the day as they run around playing and trying to steal hot dogs while you are hanging with your friends and family.

What is extremely important for dog owners on July 4th is to make sure that your dog has up to date tags and a collar. It should go without saying that your dog needs a collar and tags, but it is especially important on July 4th because July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.

Many dogs are very afraid of the loud noises of fireworks. If your dog is scared of thunder during storms, then it is almost guaranteed to be nervous around the loud noises of fireworks. If you have a new dog, one that wasn’t living with you last 4th of July, it’s extremely important to be prepared since you don’t know the behavior of this new dog and how he or she will react to loud noises. A dog’s instincts tell it to run away from loud noises like fireworks. Even a dog that is in a yard might be so scared that he jumps a high fence or digs a hole under the fence to get out and run in fear.

If, God forbid, this happens to you, at least you will be confident in the fact your dog will be returned to you. It is imperative you take all safety measures to make sure you don’t lose your dog, and best to just put puppy inside where he’s safe or even inside a nice secure crate for the few hours that fireworks will be their loudest.

You can go and buy custom tags at almost any and every local pet supply store. It is worth the aproximately $10 bucks that it will run you in order to ensure that you and your best friend can live a full life together.

If your pets are not microchipped, this is the time to do it. Microchips cost about $45 and can be done at the local animal shelter or your vet’s office. Microchips are great because your dog can’t slip out of a microchip if he’s afraid. It goes wherever he goes and can be traced back to you from anywhere in the country.

In the event that your dog does go missing, make sure to have a good photograph of your pooch so you’ll have something to post on social media and in lost dog fliers.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!