5 Reasons Dog Walking Is Better Than Your Job

Mike Clark, professional dog walker and DogTime.com blogger

Being a dog walker might not make you rich but it’s way more fun than what most people have to do at work all day. If you’re feeling trapped by cubicle walls, you’re tired of breathing stale office air, or you just want to feel the sun on your face again, maybe you should swap your keyboard for a leash and start walking some pooches! Here are a few of the best things about being a dog walker in the big city.

1. You get to be outside every day.

Sure it’s freezing in the winter and blazing hot in the summer, but there’s something good for the spirit about getting in the good old outdoors. Plus, you get to see things that most people miss by not stepping outside, like rainbows that go all the way around the sun, or wild waves crashing on the beach, or incredible architecture. Central air and heat are overrated.

This is what the sky looks like. You may have forgotten.

2. Your coworkers couldn’t be happier to see you.

Have you ever walked into work and had a coworker jump up and lick your face? Probably not, and you probably wouldn’t want that unless your coworkers are cute pups. They know that you’re there to take them on a fun trip outside, and for most dogs there’s nothing better than that. You know for a fact that your work is being appreciated.

Your co-workers are always so happy to see you!

3. You get a great workout.

It’s tough to stay fit when you’re sitting at a desk for eight of your waking hours. Well when you’re job has you walking ten miles a day, it’s hard not to get in shape. I lost around forty pounds as a dog walker, no extra dieting or exercise required. And being around dogs is proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress, so you’ll be looking and feeling great in no time.

Sure is nice and warm way up here.

4. You can’t beat the view

You may not live in a fancy high-rise apartment, but some of your pups might. Being a dog walker allows you to see the world from different heights and angles that you just don’t get every day at other jobs. I’ve seen fireworks over the beach, beautiful skylines, and all sorts of fascinating weather, sometimes all in the same day!

Check out that sweet view!

5. You get all the fun of having lots of dogs with none of the responsibilities.

Owning a dog is tough. It takes a lot of commitment of time and money. As a dog walker, you get to have lots of dogs to cuddle, pet, and walk all day without having to deal with all the bathing, grooming, and vet visits. You’re basically just hanging out with your buddies all day and not worry about getting home in time to feed them. In the dog world, we call that having your kibble and eating it, too!

So, did I convince you to toss out your computer and start your own dog walking route?

What else do you think is great about walking dogs? Let us know in the comments below!