Happy National Best Friends Day: Best Friends Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Happy National Best Friends Day (June 8th)! Who knew, right? Here are a few stories of canines that show us friends can come in any shape, color, size or species.

Orangutan & Hound Dog

Surya, a 6-year-old Orangutan, lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at T.I.G.E.R.S., The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. He is the only Orangutan at the park that enjoys swimming and is known for being open to new ideas.

According to the park workers, the two met one day while on a walk. They were instantly drawn to each other, and rolled around hugging and playing, like long lost friends. Eventually Surya had to go back to his home, and the handlers figured the dog would go back to his pack but the dog followed, made his way back inside the gates and straight to Surya.

The stray was eventually taken in by T.I.G.E.R.S., named Roscoe and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Surya shares everything with Roscoe. After being on the outside and having to fight for every bite, it seems like Roscoe definitely appreciates having Surya as a friend.

Jack Russell Terrier & Leopard

The Akwaaba Lodge and Predator Park is home to many domestic, exotic, South African cats. It is also home to a Jaguar named Jag and his best friend Bullet, a little Jack Russell Terrier. When Jag first arrived to Akwaaba he was in need of comforting and introduced to Bullet. The two got along exceptionally well. After a while, Jag was given his own enclosure, but neither animal accepted it. They pined for each other day and night. The park relented and once again the two were reunited. They currently live together in the same enclosure.

Chihuahua & Chicken

The next story is one that has been told over and over, but it should be told over and over. It’s possibly one of the sweetest and cutest friendships on the entire planet: Roo the Chihuahua and Penny the Chicken.

Penny is a Silkie Chicken that came from a testing facility. At 9-weeks-old she had served her “purpose” and was about to be discarded when a nice lady stepped up and adopted her. Penny’s mom, Alicia Williams, noticed that Penny hated being home alone all day, so she started bringing her to work at the Duluth Animal Hospital.

Roo is a Chihuahua that was born with out his 2 front legs and was found freezing in a ditch and taken to the Duluth Animal Hospital. It was here the two first met, and formed an immediate bond.

A nice person donated Roo his first set of wheels and now the two are able to go on walks together.

Ms. Williams brings Roo and Penny to work with her every single day where people love to see the celebrity pair.

If you are like me and want to see what Roo and Penny are up to every single day, like them on Facebook.

These are just a few inspiring stories of canines that were able to form friendships from unlikely sources. When all hope seems lost, who knows what you will find, if you have an open mind and heart.