3 Canines Who Deserve The Mother Of The Year Award

Mothers will do anything to protect their babies both biological and adopted. These three stories pay tribute to the love of a mother.

Mary The Beagle Who Didn’t Let Species Get In The Way

Mary is a beagle mix and new mother that was dropped off at the Pickens Animal Shelter in Jasper, Georgia. She had 7 pups of her own, but when she saw these newborn kittens that were also dropped off, she was immediately taken with them. The staff had to give them feedings but Mary would rather have those baby kittens right by her side cuddling with her own brood.

Mama Dog Saves Puppies From Fire

Due to years of drought, Chile has recently had a rash of forest fires. Thousands of acres are already burned leaving many displaced. People are not the only ones affected by the fires. A new feral canine mother had just delivered puppies weeks before. This smart mom, quickly dug a hole and placed her puppies inside. She then took shelter nearby.

Residents reported witnessing the mom burying her pups. As soon as it was clear, volunteer rescue workers went to find them. The mom did a pretty good job hiding her babies from the fire. It took about an hour to dig them out. All 9 were safe but hungry and immediately reunited with their mama. The family is under the care of a local animal rescue.

With so many pups, it was not realistic that she could make 9 trips in and out of the area. It was pretty remarkable that she quickly dug a hole near a metal storage building.

Hero Mama Dog Rescues Puppies From Drainage Pipe

A stray canine mama hid her offspring in a drainage pipe. She didn’t know that the coming storm would soon flood that drainage pipe with gushing water. Firefighters were called to rescue the pups from certain death but were unable to reach the litter. That’s when the mother was located. They put her in the pipe and instantly she seemed to know what they were asking of her. She went into the pipe and one by one carried each pup to safety. All the pups made it out.

All of these mama dogs are heroes and deserve the K9 Mother of the Year award in our opinion.