Tortured Puppy Named Fireman Recovering: Reward Offered

Puppy named Fireman was tortured. (Photo Credit: Umbrella of Hope)

A Chihuahua puppy is recovering after being tortured, dumped at the shelter and then having his burned ears amputated on Friday.

It’s hard to imagine the twisted mind of a person that would torture a helpless animal, especially a baby. Police in Antioch, California in the East Bay region near San Francisco are asking anyone with information on the case of the puppy, now called Fireman, to phone them at 952-779-6989. A $1000 reward is being offered by Fido Alert in East Contra Costa County to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Fireman is recovering after having his ears amputated. (Photo Credit: Umbrella of Hope)

The puppy was found inside a play area at Antioch Animal Services. The area is surrounded by a six-foot-high fence, so animal services personnel were unsure who left him, or how they were able to do so.

The young gray and tan Chihuahua mix had to have his severely burned ears amputated, but is now resting more comfortably at a foster home, still on large doses of pain medications as he recovers from this disturbing case of abuse. Fireman also had major burns on his stomach and was in great pain when discovered in the play area. After surgery and other treatments, he’s on a slow road to recovery in a loving home where his daily care can be carefully monitored.

Fireman wasn’t burned in an actual fire, but rather by some type of chemical. Rescue group Umbrella of Hope stepped in and arranged for the foster home for the puppy for the duration of his recovery.

Fireman with a fireman. (Photo Credit: Umbrella of Hope)

As word about this tiny dogs’ plight spread through local media the group reports that more than 500 people have already made inquiries about adopting Fireman. It will be at least four to six weeks before the puppy is healthy enough for applications to be considered. Umbrella of Hope is opening several social media accounts in the coming weeks to keep the public posted on Fireman’s recovery, and to encourage people to adopt one of the many cats or dogs they have available in his honor.

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