10 Things Your Dog Wants To Buy With Your Tax Refund

dog sniffs man, caption says "my dog did my taxes for me and Im getting a $7 million dollar refund!!!"

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Ah, tax season–one of the things we can all count on, other than death–and the unconditional love of our dogs, of course.

If you crunch those numbers right, or have an amazing tax person, you’ll be getting a big fat refund check from Uncle Sam.

You could spend it on a new computer or a vacation, but your dog has better ideas of how you can spend that windfall.

Here are ten things your dog would spend your refund check on if they could.

1. For The Social Dog–A New Best Friend

Family at animal adoption centre chooses a dog

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Wouldn’t your pup love some company when you’re out of the house?

For social dogs who don’t like spending time alone, consider putting your tax refund toward an adoption fee for a shelter animal in need. There are plenty of dogs looking for forever homes, and your resident outgoing pup would love to meet them!

2. For The Dog Who Likes To Get Wet–A Dog Sprinkler Toy

dog with sprinkler toy

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If you have a water dog who likes to get wet, then a perfect way to spend your money would be to invest in this automatic pet water fountain.

You don’t even have to put on your bathing suit for your dog to have a splashing good time.

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3. For The Dog Who Hates To Get Wet–A Dog Umbrella

dog with doggy umbrella

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We all know a dog who refuses to go out when it is raining.

If your dog happens to be a prissy prince or princess of this sort, grab this inexpensive but luxurious pet umbrella. It also saves you the annoyance of perfuming your home with “eau de wet dog,” after a rainy walk.

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4. For The Social Media Star Dog–Puppy Tweets

usb and dog tweet device

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Does your pup already have their own social media account? Maybe they should add Twitter Comedian to their social media career.

This toy from Mattel places a sensor on your dog’s collar that sends a signal to a USB receiver on your computer. Whenever your dog barks, whimpers, or howls, it automatically sends a tweet, translated to human language.

Is it a perfect translation? That’s for you and your dog to know!

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5. For The Active Dog–A Fetch Robot

automatic fetch machine

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Does your dog defy physics and seem to have unlimited energy for playing? Give your arm a rest with this automatic ball launcher.

This bad boy can launch balls up to forty feet. There are even timing and launch settings so you can vary it depending on your pup’s fetch style.

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6. For The Spoiled Dog–A Luxury Dog Bed

dog in dog bed

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Nothing less than an 800 thread count seems to cut it for your pup.

If your dog is the type to view you as a staff member of their castle, maybe you should just go ahead and get them a throne. This super comfy shag dog bed should have them lounging in luxury whenever nap time comes around.

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7. For The Senior Citizen Dog–A Dog Stroller Bike Trailer

dog bike trailer

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Just because your dog is getting older and having a hard time walking doesn’t mean they don’t still want to go everywhere that you go.

A solid investment for any aging canine would be a dog stroller and bike trailer. That way you’ll never have an excuse to leave them at home.

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8. For The Swimmer Dog–A Doggy Pool Ramp

dog on pool ramp

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Swimming is fun, but getting in and out of the pool can be hard for some dogs.

So if your dog loves to swim, they’d probably love one of these easy access pool ramps for maximum summer fun.

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9. For The Anxious Dog–An Interactive Pet Monitoring Camera

Some dogs get a little anxious when their owners leave them at home.

This interactive pet camera allows owners to take video and pictures of their animals to make sure they’re not too upset, and it allows owners to talk to their pets, too.

It also has a built in laser pointer, so you can play with your dog even when you’re not home!

The future is here!

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10. For Every Dog–Treats! Lots And Lots Of Treats!

zukes dog treats

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Let’s be honest. Most dogs probably wouldn’t make it past the treats section in the store. They’d probably blow your entire tax refund on treats and not regret it one bit.

And could you blame them?

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Don’t let taxes stress you out. Look down at your furry friend and remember that everything is going to be alright!

What would your dog buy if they could spend your tax refund? Are you planning to buy anything special for your pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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