Popular dog names: What do they mean?

Naming a new dog? You might want to consider the meaning of the name before you engrave it on a tag and start yelling it out at the dog park. Read on for the meanings behind the most common names for female and male dogs.

Girl dog names

1. Bella: beauty

2. Molly: form of Mary, bitter

3. Lucy: light

4. Maggie: from Margaret, child of light

5. Daisy: flower name

6. Sophie: wisdom

7. Sadie: from Sarah, princess

8. Chloe: blooming

9. Bailey: able

10. Lola: strong woman

Boy dog names

1. Max: the greatest

2. Buddy: friend

3. Rocky: from Rockne, rock

4. Bailey: able

5. Jake: from Jacob, the supplanter

6. Charlie: from Charles, strong man

7. Jack: from John, god is gracious

8. Toby: the lord is good

9. Cody: cushion

10. Buster: fellow

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