Over-the-Top Dog Gifts 2014

Sometimes humans feel the need to splurge, and here are five products that scratch the itch, including an automobile that’s perfect for people and pets:

DogPacer Jog A Dog Portable, Foldable Exercise Fitness Pets Treadmill

Finally, a folding, space-saving pet treadmill. When open, the DogPacer Jog A Dog is longer than most traditional human treadmills, at 76.77″, and folded, only 42.28″. The onboard computer is preset with fitness programs customized especially for dogs. This treadmill is easily assembled, has variable height and adjustable speed, and is powered by a quiet yet mighty motor. Dogs up to 180 lbs. can use the Jog A Dog safely.

Available at: Amazon

ecoChoice Sante Fe Chalet Dog House

This swanky dog chalet is made of weather-resistant and insect-proof ecoFLEX, an ecofriendly composite blend of recycled polymers and poplar waste products. ecoFLEX is a more durable material for the outdoors than both wood and plastic, is easily cleaned with a mild, nontoxic detergent, and can even be painted. This lovely, maintenance free dog house not only has a generous amount of space inside, but there is an attached doggie patio for sunbathing. Elevated off the ground, the Santa Fe includes a step in design and flow through ventilation. Buyer beware, all the neighborhood dogs are going to be jealous.

Available at: Amazon | Sears | Walmart

GoPet TreadWheel

The GoPet TreadWheel provides carefree, off-leash exercise at your dog’s own natural pace. Because the TreadWheel is not electronic, like most dog treadmills, you needn’t be present to supervise. While you are at work, your dog can relieve boredom and get some needed exercise throughout the day. The safe, stable, freestanding TreadWheel offers an unlimited, cushioned running surface, so your dog can run for miles with no harmful wear and tear on his paws. This large TreadWheel features tension control and powder coating for a long lasting, easy to clean finish. UV resistant, so your dog can even run on the TreadWheel outside in the sunshine.

Available at: Amazon | GoPet

Merry Products Dog Crate with Wooden Cover

Let’s face it: Dog crates aren’t the most pleasant thing to look at, but the folks at Merry Products combined practicality with an aesthetic-pleasing design, resulting in a crate that also doubles as a piece of functional furniture. Available in small (18″ x 24″ x 19″) for dogs up to 25 lbs. and large (28″ x 42″ x 30″) sizes, this dog crate is enclosed by wooden edges and a flat top — it looks like a nightstand or end table.

Available at: Petco

Subaru Crosstrek

Our dogs are our family; we want our family to be safe. The Subaru Crosstrek features symmetrical all-wheel drive, the Subaru Boxer Engine (that allows for a low center of gravity for an improved response), a superior stability control system, smart antilock brakes, seven airbags, and a ring-shaped reinforcement frame. The rear seats fold down to extend the rigid, easy to clean plastic covered surface, which catches dog hair and dog park debris. There are even several tie-downs to securely connect a dog crate. The Subaru Crosstrek is the ultimate dog car — for the ultimate dog lover.

Available at: Subaru