Holiday Gift Guide: Best Dog Accessories For 2017

Miscellaneous dog items, including a food bowl to help with digestion, biodegradable poop bags, retractable dog leash, and other products:

OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler Dog Bed


For dogs who love a mushy, comfortable place to snooze.

SleepyPod Dog Car Safety Harness


The ultimate in safety for your pup in fun fashionable colors!



It’s no secret, pets are very hairy creatures. What is a secret is an easy way to clean up all the hair they leave behind.That is until now. The Furminator is the best way to remove pet hair. There is nothing to plug-in or peel off, and no parts to replace…EVER! The Furminator is a hairy pet owner’s dream come true.

Doggie Diaper Bag


The Pet JetSetter by Metzger’s Designs is a sort of “diaper bag” for dogs. It’s roomy and stylish with labeled pockets on the outside of the bag for food and water bowls, treats, a brush and a mesh pocket for a water bottle. This bag helps keep everything very organized. The removable handle even converts into a temporary leash!

Avant Garde Fifth Avenue Retractable Dog Leash

retractable leash

Your pup can now enjoy the freedom of being on a retractable leash, without you worrying about wrapping her, her dog friends, or passersby with a painful, thin cord. This sturdy and attractive retractable leash features a nylon belt, which extends all the way to your dog’s collar or harness. Safely walk your dog, with the easy, one button brake and release, and the smooth retracting mechanism. The rubberized ergonomic handle will enable you to enjoy longer hikes with no hand discomfort. Available in small (holds up to 28 lbs.) and medium (up to 48 lbs.) sizes.

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SleepyPod Mobile Pet Bed


A leader in comfort and safety, this portable pet bed is is the same circle shape your dog like to sleep in. It provides ultimate comfort and safety when traveling.

BioBag Pet Waste Bags


Dogs poop. Responsible dog owners clean up their dog’s poop. Pet waste is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. Standard plastic poop bags, on the other hand, can take over 100 years to decompose. Imagine how many poop bags end up needlessly sitting in our landfills. BioBag dog waste bags decompose naturally, as they are made with GMO-free corn and contain no Polyethylene. They can be tossed in your compost bin or backyard compost area. Reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint with BioBag.

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Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl


Does your dog scarf down his food? Has he ever had issues with regurgitation or bloat? And has your vet been giving you the stink-eye, while mentioning your dog needs to lose a few pounds? If so, Slo-Bowl may be the answer. While other slow feeding systems make eating more difficult, the Slo-Bowl turns mealtime into a fun activity — rewarding each challenging chase through the food maze with a delicious morsel of his favorite food. Holds up to 5 cups.

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Neater Feeder Dog Bowl


The Neater Feeder’s revolutionary design will protect your floors from pet food mess and water spills. The protective walls around the food and water bowls contain spills caused by an unintentional kick, or a messy, enthusiastic pet. Spilled food is contained in the upper reservoir. Alternately, spilled water flows through the patent-pending filtering system to a lower reservoir, which is able to hold more than an entire bowl of water. You’ll spend less time cleaning, and even save money on food which would have otherwise been swept-up and discarded.

What are your favorite doggie accessories? Share in the comments below.


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