Easy Brush Dental Device

Easy Brush Dental Device (4 biscuits)

Our take: A better mousetrap, this ingenious item is the “brush it yourself” brush. The bone-shaped plastic device has toothbrush bristles at the top and bottom of each end. You squirt some pet toothpaste onto the bristles, tell your dog it’s a treat, and watch her chew for two to three minutes. Then you take it away so she’ll be eager for her next tooth-brushing session.

The device comes in small and large sizes, and at almost six inches long, that large is pretty darn big. The down side is that the device touches the floor while the dog chews, which is fine during nice weather when your dog’s outside, but is a bit messy inside.

The dogs weigh in:
Ginger was fascinated by it but ended up chewing the hard plastic as much as she chewed on the bristles. Hey, at least she chewed it! She didn’t hide under the table, either.

Cost: medium

–Phyllis DeGioia

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