Fido Fleece Cloud Dog Beds

Fido Fleece Dog Beds (4 biscuits)

Our take: These two-piece fleece beds are made of a pillow bottom and soft bolsters around the edge, to cradle your dog. They wash wonderfully in any temperature of water — you just can’t ruin fleece — as I found out when I had an incontinent Toy Poodle named Clint in one of these.

Fido Fleece has some really fun colors and patterns. If you fall in love with a pattern, don’t delay too long before getting it because they change fabrics every once in a while. The bed is well made, but dogs do sometimes knock the pillow out of the bed — and because opposable thumbs are needed to put it back in, that means you have to retrieve it. It comes in four sizes to fit dogs of every breed.

The dogs weigh in: For my other dogs, the fabric of the bed’s floor wouldn’t have been thick enough, but Clint seemed to be comfy in that bed no matter what he did to it or what position he was in. The bed fit him perfectly and he loved it.

Cost: medium

–Phyllis DeGioia

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