K-10+ Water Soluble Vitamins

Hey there, pet parents — is there anything trickier than giving pill or chew supplements to an unwilling or uncooperative dog? If your dog is anything like mine, there is no peanut butter or cheese ball tasty enough to hide that pesky vitamin capsule. My clever canine even manages to eat the yummy treat disguise and spit the pill onto the floor. What a frustrating waste of time and money!

Find out why your French Bulldog needs a water soluble dog supplement.

But pet parents, don’t fret — there’s a brand new way to make sure your four-legged family member is getting all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs without all the stress that comes along with trying — and, more often than not, failing — to get your dog to take a supplement pill or chew.

Why wrestle or play “hide the pill” games with your dog when there’s a much easier and more effective way to get Fido to take his vitamins?

K-10+ is a breakthrough new water-soluble vitamin supplement line for your dog, revolutionizing the way dog owners across the country dispense healthy supplements to their persnickety pooches. Simply open one of the 28 pre-measured K-10+ supplement packets, check the weight-based dosage, and pour the contents into your dog’s regular water bowl. When Fido grabs a drink from his bowl, he won’t know he’s taking his supplements, too!

Worried that your pooch is so fussy he’ll cry foul? Almost completely odorless and flavorless, even dogs with the most scrupulous sensibilities won’t even know they are drinking their K-10+ supplements. But you’ll know — K-10+ creates a slight color shift to the water when added, so while you’ll know just by looking, your dog will be none the wiser.

While traditional vitamin pills or chews only offer a less than 20 percent absorption rate, K-10+ completely water-soluble supplement packets are scientifically formulated to provide up to 90 percent absorption of all those healthy core ingredients. Because liquid vitamins increase the number of entry pathways into the body, allowing for absorption in both the mucous membrane of the dog’s mouth and their esophagus, too, K-10+ is a whopping 9 times more effective than pills or chews! That means even if Fido doesn’t drink his whole bowl of K-10+ water, they will still get greater health benefits than if they’d taken an entire capsule or chewy vitamin.

Plus, K-10+ supplements don’t contain any icky artificial flavors, colors, or dyes, so you’ll feel confident your pampered pet is getting only the good stuff.

No matter the breed or age, K-10+ is great for every dog. And K-10+’s diverse product line includes Multi-Vitamin, Glucosamine, Omega-3, Calming, UT Support, and Senior Care, so there’s sure to be a K-10+ out there that will help your family pet live a long, active, and vibrant life!

Are you interested in trying K-10+ for your dog? Check out your local Petco store or visit k10plus.com and pick up a box today.

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