Dog Treat Gifts

Treats are an excellent way to help train your dog, enforce positive behavior, or to tide your pooch over until his next meal. Pet obesity is on the climb, so make sure and give snacks and treats sparingly and responsibly.

Blue Buffalo Exuberance Tasty Chicken Jerky

Blue Exuberance Natural Jerky Dog Treats, by Blue Buffalo, are a fine combination of natural farm-raised chicken, natural sugar cane juice, vitamin E supplement, salt, flaxseed (natural source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), vitamin A, and rosemary. That’s all — no grains, byproducts, corn, wheat, soy, added fillers, hormones, antibiotics, or unpronounceable junk included. Not only do dogs go wild for the taste, Blue Exuberance Natural Jerky Dog Treats help maintain healthy eyes, skin, and coat. Made in the U.S.A.

Available at: Amazon | EntirelyPets

Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Skin & Coat Functional Treat Pouches

Your dog might not demand that his treats are grain free, gluten free, all natural, or made in the U.S.A. — but you do. Free of corn, soy, wheat, artificial color, artificial flavor, and byproducts, these Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Skin & Coat Functional Treats are beneficial to your dog’s health and happiness. The daily salmon treats help support healthy skin, a shiny coat, and a reduction of itch associated with doggie dandruff. Dogs love the flavor and the soft, chewy texture — enough to make ‘em roll over.

Available at: Amazon | Cloud Star

The Honest Kitchen Pecks Cookies

Finally, the perfect training treats. While learning new skills, Buffalo and blueberry Pecks, made by the Honest Kitchen, are crunchy, yet easy to chomp. The naturally sweet treats are ideal for rewarding positive behavior. Because each Peck is merely 0.6 calories, the focus can be placed on positive reinforcement, without the worry of your dog consuming too many calories. Small to large dogs are able to safely consume these yummy treats. Pecks are small enough to work in conjunction with many interactive pet puzzles, or to be coated in peanut butter, then stuffed into your dog’s favorite rubber toy.

Available at: Amazon | The Honest Kitchen

Milk-Bone Trail Mix

The new Trail Mix by Milk-Bone features an ideal combination of both chewy and crunchy pieces. The all-natural morsels are small enough for toy breeds, yet flavorful enough to keep even the largest of dogs asking for more. This mix is not only great for a snack, but also works nicely for training or in a treat ball. A rich source of protein and fiber, Trail Mix does not contain any artificial preservatives or flavoring.

Available at: Amazon | Walmart

Thinkers Smart Dog Snacks

These delicious treats by Plato Pet Treats were named Thinkers for two reasons: (1) they have added natural DHA Omega fatty acids and gingko biloba to help to help nourish brain function in your dog, and (2) they understand you put a great deal of thought into what you feed your pet. These delicious treats are over 90 percent natural salmon. Thinkers Smart Dog Snacks are made in America, with no artificial preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy. The container, with its screw-on lid, aids in keeping all of your dog’s chewy treats soft and moist.

Available at: Amazon | Wag

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