Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain

Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain

Our take: Designed for both cats and small dogs, water continuously flows over the dome-shaped fountain and into the bowl, keeping the water fresh and oxygenated. The 100-ounce fountain has a dual-function filter, a chamber to catch big particles like dog hair, and an activated carbon chamber.

Assembly was easy, although filling the reservoir with water is a little squirrelly. You have to unscrew a thin plug, fill, and then screw it back in. Lose the screw and you’re screwed.

The dogs weigh in:
This was my cat’s favorite water bowl because of the intriguing motion of the water streaming over the top of a dome shape; as expected, the dogs liked it but drank out of the bowl. I suspect that will be true in any household with cats and dogs.


–Phyllis DeGioia

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