Surprise party games

A great dog surprise party includes at least one human/canine game of skill — and the chance for guests to win a prize.

(Photo credit: Shira Z Photography)

Trivial Fursuit

Before the party, make up a list of 10 trivia questions about your dog, or about dogs in general. For example:

  • What is Buffy’s favorite treat?
  • Where did I get Buffy?
  • Where did the Shar-Pei breed originate?

As host and emcee, you’ll read the trivia questions aloud, one at a time. After each question, the first human to get her dog to sit can answer. If she answers correctly, she earns a point. If not, the second-fastest dog/person team has a chance. The team with the most correct answers wins.

Encourage the dogs to go play in between questions; it’s considered poor sportsmanship for dogs to hover at their owners’ feet, waiting for a cheese morsel to drop.

A subscription to Bark magazine makes a great prize for the human; the dog would probably prefer something edible.

Tip: Have a supply of dog treats available for humans to reach into and reward their dogs for good recalls and sits.

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