Surprise party decorations

The best part about surprise party décor is that there’s really only one must-have: a homemade banner proclaiming “Surprise! Happy birthday, [insert dog’s name here]!”

If you’re not able to hang the banner ahead of time without Rex peeking, you’ll need to ask a friend to take care of it while you’re out. Entrust this task only to someone dependable and action oriented, as the banner must be in place before you and your dog get to the front door. (Nothing ruins a dog surprise party like walking in on Cousin Tim standing on a chair with a roll of tape in one hand and a half-hanging banner in the other.)

While he’s at it, ask Cousin Tim to liberally drape the space with paw-print streamers to let two- and four-legged guests alike know it’s time to raise the woof.

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