Lands End Pet Squall Jacket

Lands End Pet Squall Jacket

Our take: If you’re only going to get one outdoor piece for winter, it should be this one.

The nylon covering is water resistant and boasts reflective stripes. It’s lined with fleece. It relies on Velcro–rather than messy snaps or buttons–to close it just below the throat and at the belly. The Velcro straps are lot longer than what’s typically used to close dog jackets, so it fits a wider range of girths and is easier to adjust to your dog’s particular build.

This was really easy to take on and off, it’s machine washable, and it’s reasonably priced. Five biscuits indeed!

The dogs weigh in: Clint, my arthritic little Poodle, liked this jacket better than most since it didn’t involved putting his feet through legholes. He didn’t have to do anything but stand up for this one to be strapped on. Our Maltese friend Merlin liked it for the same reasons.

Cost: low

-Phyllis DeGioia

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