National Pit Bull Awareness Month: 10 Ways To Celebrate

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month — hooray! Can’t figure out the best way to celebrate? Check out my recommendations and submit your own suggestions…

10 Ways To Celebrate Pit Bulls

10. Dedicate your social media status updates to positive Pit Bull imagery, videos and messages.

9. Make this the month you sign up to volunteer or foster with your local rescue. Donate those old pet supplies, used toys, beds, old blankets or old crates or carriers to a local rescue group or organization.

8. Share stories and videos with children and young people about Pit Bulls heroes like Stubby, sweet Pit Bulls like Sharky, amazing Pit Bulls like Ember who saved her human’s life, or Annie who nursed a litter of poodle puppies.

7. Refrain from attempting to elevate Pit Bulls by soiling the perception of another breed, a la “Everyone knows so-and-sos are the worst biters.” When dogs of any makeup get the right training, care, and socialization, chances are they will grow up to be confident, gentle animals. There’s no gain by shifting an undeserved rep somewhere else.

6. Beware the media! (I can say that because some of my best friends are writers and bloggers.) They love sensational stories that demonize particular types of… well, you name it… people, animals, foods, nations… Demons and outrage sell!

5. Predispose younger generations to positive Pit Bull images and ideas by educating them on how to treat all animals with kindness and caution so that all their future interactions with all animals can be positive ones.

4. Reach out to local politicians and let them know that you care about all animal rights and want to help educate people on the misinformation being spread in news and other media about Pit Bulls and other animals.

3. Sign a petition to show your support of Pit Bulls. For example: Sign Petition To End Miami-Dade’s Pit Bull Ban

2. Make an effort to avoid judging animals and humans based on their appearance and don’t be afraid to point out to others when they are judging a book by it’s cover. What you see is not always what you get.

1. Hug a Pit Bull! Hug any dog you can get your hands on. Obviously take precautions and ask their owners if they are friendly and open to hugs from strangers, but show your love to every Pit Bull you come across (keeping safety in mind) and let Pit Bull owners that you support them and think their dogs are awesome.

Take extra care to do all of this on October 24th which is National Pit Bull Awareness Day.


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