London shelter’s oldest dog adopted

Southwest London’s Battersea Dogs & Cats Home was founded in 1860, making it the oldest animal rescue facility of its kind in the United Kingdom. The organization is so cemented in British history that even Charles Dickens, one of the greatest literary figures of all time, voiced his support for Battersea in his newspaper, writing an article featuring the home called “Two Dog Shows.”

Blackie was 19 years old when he was adopted — that’s 133 in human years. (Photo credit: Facebook)

It’s only fitting that Battersea is once again in the headlines, making history, but this time it is for breaking one of its own records.

Blackie, a 19-years-young Mutt, has become the oldest animal to be adopted from Battersea in the British humane organization’s 152-year history.

Relinquished to Battersea’s care in August when his original family could no longer care for him, Blackie became an instant favorite at the shelter. Though his age puts him at 133 in human years, Blackie still has a spunky personality; his fondness toys and walks, his sweet demeanor and his desire for attention make him quite a lovable character, and the marvelous Mutt was even featured on a popular British seven-part television series called For the Love of Dogs with Paul O’Grady.

Despite becoming something of a celebrity at the shelter, Battersea could not seem to drum up interest for the most senior canine in their care. So they took to their Twitter account and Facebook page, hoping that somewhere in the social media stratosphere was Blackie’s forever family.

Durham City Gilesgate resident Shirley Buchanan was surfing the net when she came across Blackie’s profile and picture. Buchanan says that she fell in love with the old guy and knew that she wanted to bring him home.

“I feel older dogs can get overlooked as people often want young dogs,” Buchanan told The Northern Echo, “but the golden oldies have so much to give.”

“When I saw Blackie online I just felt drawn to him,” Buchanan continued. “He’s an absolute joy to be around and I’m so pleased he’s come to live with us.”

When he’s not snuggling with Buchanan in her bed, Blackie enjoys running and playing alongside his new buddies, Curly-Coated Retrievers Hope, 6, and 4-year-old Breeze. He’s also become a hit with Buchanan’s friends, family, and neighbors.

“Everyone we meet wants to make a fuss of him so he’s lapping up the attention,” Buchanan said of Blackie.