Al Roker rescues a puppy

Al Roker, smitten with rescue puppy Pepper (photo credit: Al Roker)

Like coffee from 7-11 or that one song by Collective Soul, there are just some things you’re embarrassed to like. For me, for a long time, NBC’s Today show was one of them. A few people know I watch, but I don’t publicize it (or at times, even admit it). I just really like Matt Lauer’s interview style — is that so wrong?

Well move over, anchormonkey. As the big draw to morning television, you’ve been replaced. According to the Today show site, weatherman Al Roker recently adopted a 10-week-old puppy. Pepper, as they’ve christened her, comes from Pennsylvania’s Main Line Animal Rescue. And yep, that’s the same group Oprah Winfrey worked with several years ago to expose puppy mill atrocities.

So he had me at rescue, but I’m also delighted by Roker’s follow-up comment: “This is the kind of dog I used to make fun of … not a real dog.”

Why? Because it shows he did his research. He talked to the shelter (as Main Line founder Bill Smith confirmed), asked the right questions, and went with a pup that will fit well in his household. Rather than looks, purebred pedigree, or any other random criteria that don’t really matter, he selected the animal based on his family’s routine and lifestyle.

Congrats on your new addition, Al — hope it’s sunny skies from here on out. Of course, it’s a puppy, so there’s probably a chance of sprinkles.