This dog has 24 hours to live

Pit Bull Bundy is currently at a high volume LA shelter.

There are many reasons dogs are euthanized at municipal shelters. “There isn’t enough space.” “She’s too old to save.” “His medical treatment would be too expensive.” “She’s not a desirable breed — let’s give another dog a chance.”

None are adequate, and no dog should have to die because resources are scarce. But I get the most choked up over needless euthanasia when it takes the life of a very specific type of dog: It’s the one who has yet to experience joy.

It seems Bundy is one of these.

According to my friend Lesley, who runs Wags & Walks Rescue, Bundy was dumped at the Baldwin Park shelter, by an owner who “didn’t have time for him.” It’s likely he suffered emotional neglect and possibly physical mistreatment. He’s frightened and unsure of himself. He cringes when you go in to pet him.

However, his shelter temperament test reveals a gentle giant — a gem in the making. No aggression, no reactivity to other dogs, no issues whatsoever in handling. Though quite timid, he’s lovely on leash and relaxes as he spends more time with you.

Lesley recommends a calm, predictable home for Bundy. If there are children, they should be over 12; if there are other dogs in the family, they would need to have lower-energy personalities.

Are you in Southern California? Can you give this dog the love and attention he so desperately deserves? If so, or you know someone who can, please share this post and contact the Baldwin Park shelter, part of LA County Animal Care and Control. Time is running out.

Bundy, an American Pit Bull Terrier, is scheduled to be euthanized Wednesday, August 22, unless a foster or permanent home is found. ID# A4474460

August 23, 2012

UPDATE: An adopter was found for Bundy in Sacramento! He is currently en route to his new home. To help pay for his transportation and medical exam, please consider making a donation to Wags & Walks rescue. Stay tuned for photos!